Sunday, March 06, 2005

Small fish in a big pond

The low-cost, no-frills flying culture seems to have caught on bigtime in India. What with its first ever successful no-frills venture Air Deccan showing a rising graph month after month, ever since its start in Sept 2003. After a change of Government last year and the 2005 annual budget announcement, the Indian aviation industry seems to get a breather after a long time as some relief has been promised by the Government on the much hiked-up ATF. Interestingly, three new low-cost ventures will be making their debut this year. They are:

*Kingfisher Airlines
Liquor baron and UB Group Chairman Dr.Vijay Mallya's flying aspiration
-Launching its services on May 7, 2005 (which also happens to Mallya's son's birthday)
-Fleet will be comprising 30 A320s and 3 A319s. Will start off with its first eight A320s or 'funliners' as put across by the airline.
-Airline will be based at
A320s- At Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport in Mumbai
A319s- At Bangalore

Will be started by Royal Airways Ltd.
-Royal Airways Ltd is the new avataar of the erstwhile Modiluft, an Indian aviation company that struggled hard but failed to make a low-cost, no-frills statement. It eventually shut shop in the mid 1990s.
-Launching its services sometime in May 2005.
-Fleet will be comprising 20 Boeing 737-800s. Will start off with its first three 737-800s
-Will be based at New Delhi

*Air One
One of the toughest contenders for Bangalore-based Air Deccan
-Launching its services sometime in May 2005.
-Fleet will be comprising leased 50-seater Embraer ERJ 145 aircraft
-Will be based out of Bangalore

So what does the Indian aviation scene look like? Quite promising because we have
The national carrier Air-India that is heavily expanded its servises to the US.
Govt-owned domestic carriers like Indian Airlines and its subsidiary Alliance Air still making their presence felt
Privately-owned domestic carriers like Jet Airways and Air Sahara that are planning eagerly to make their presence felt in South Each Asia.
The only domestic low-cost, no-frills airline Air Deccan (that is based out of Bangalore) having made a successful statement in economical air travel in India and getting all the more strong on planning its fleet and route expansion.
And the much awaited low-cost, no-frills travel boom that Indians would love to experience.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

For the love of it.

Indian aviation has come of age, but there arent too many avenues that can educate a reader on it. Lack of decent aviation magazines/journals/publications/etc in the country make this void appear all the more prominent. It is even tough to locate aviation industry-insiders, well on the web atleast. This blog is aimed at integrating all kinds of aviation-related matter (Indian and international) for aviation aficionados.